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CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to protect yourself and your family by getting your Iowa Permit to Carry weapons! To get started with your training, just click on the enrollment button to the left and sign up for an account on the course site.

Don't be fooled by the competition and by "cheap" online courses! Most of which offer nothing more than a gun safety video and an expensive certificate at the end. My course not only includes gun safety, but also includes equipment selection, ammunition selection, proper shooting techniques, and COVERS IOWA LAW! No other online course does this! Remember, you get what you pay for! (click link for more information) Also see the top 10 reasons to take the CVFT Iowa Permit to Carry Course. I also give you MANY resources that you can take along with you after the course has ended to review again and again.

CVFT is the oldest, most comprehensive, online course to get your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons! The CVFT Iowa Permit to Carry Course is the ONLY online training class that is being accepted by ALL Iowa sheriffs! NO OTHER ONLINE COURSE CAN MAKE THIS STATEMENT!!!  I'm from Iowa, I know Iowa and I offer you MORE FOR YOUR MONEY! Want more proof? Check out these testimonials from fellow Iowans that have taken my course. 

Iowa Permit to Carry Renewals

Looking to take a class to renew your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons? We can help with that as well. My online class meets the training requirements to renew your Iowa Permit. Just remember you must apply for your renewal 30 DAYS before your current permit expires. If you don't, you'll end up paying the full $50 for a new permit rather than the $25 for a renewal permit. See the "Renew Iowa Permit" link on the left for more information. 

I will 100% guarantee that our training will NOT be denied by your sheriff, OR YOUR MONEY BACK! To this date, my training has not been refused by ANY Iowa sheriff.

If you'd prefer a face-to-face class we CAN DO THAT TOO! CVFT training is only offered by certified firearms instructors that is are both knowledgeable and friendly and are here to help you with the process of obtaining your Iowa Permit to Carry. For more information about what is offered, please visit the Courses link on the left-hand menu.

Upcoming Face to Face Courses

Iowa, Utah, Arizona Permit to Carry Class

When: Saturday, August 19 from 11am-4pm, registration begins at 10:30am

Where: Scheels Store, Cedar Falls, IA

Cost: $75 for all three states

Reserve your spot here!

Your Iowa Permit is Good in 34 States!

See the following page provided by Handgunlaw.us to see which states that you can legally carry in with your Iowa Permit. http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/iowa.pdf (Remember it is important for you to follow each state's law with regards to carrying legally in that state.) Take the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons Course to find out more! 

Now Certified to Teach Utah Concealed Carry Course

The Utah course can only be done face to face but when combined with your Iowa permit and an Arizona permit, you can carry in 38 states! To set up a course near you, please email me at instructor@cedarvalleyfirearmstraining.com.