State and Nationally Certified Firearms Instructor: Jason Vetter

A little range time practicing shooting on the move!

Jason Vetter has been an avid hunter and shooter for most of his life. He is ranked as an "A" class open shooter in the USPSA (TY50690) classification system and has been competing in that sport since 2001. Jason served as the president of the local USPSA club for four years. Within that position he mentored several shooters to help them achieve a higher level of shooting. He is a Range Officer for USPSA as well as a National and State Certified Firearms Instructor. Jason enjoys working with new shooters, young and old, to help them become safe and responsible gun owners.

Firearms Certifications/Course Certificates

  • NRA Certified Pistol

  • NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety

  • Iowa Permit to Carry Instructor

  • Minnesota Certified CCW Instructor

  • Illinois Certified CCW Instructor

  • USPSA Range Officer

  • AR15/M4 Gunfighting

  • Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator

  • Point Shooting Progressions

  • Close Range Gunfighting (pistol)

  • Rifle Gunfighting

  • High Risk Operator I and II

  • Sniper's Hide 3 Day Precision Rifle Course

  • Lifetime NRA Member

  • Lifetime Iowa Firearms Coalition Member