Iowa's New Permit to Carry Law

Iowa's New Permit to Carry Weapons Law

During the 2010 legislative session, Iowa passed a new Permit to Carry Law that allows Iowa citizens the right to carry a firearm as long as they go though approved training. Since the passing of the law, the Iowa Department of Public Safety has issued a FAQ dealing with Iowa's new law. Here is a list of information about Iowa's new carry law that is important to know.

  • Iowa's new permit will be a "shall issue" permit, January 1, 2011
  • Iowa's new permit is good for 5 years and will cost $50 (plus cost of training)
  • There is no shooting requirement to initially obtain an Iowa carry permit
  • Documentation of training needs to be completed within the previous 12 months prior to obtaining a renewal permit
  • For information about Iowa's future carry permit, please see SF2379 enrolled
  • Iowa DPS site on Chapter 724 of the Iowa code and SF2379