Course Testimonials

Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons Online Course Testimonials

Here are some comments that I've received about my online training course!

"I liked the course. I think it was very well laid out with the different modules focusing on different areas in logical progression. I also liked having the videos and web links, etc. incorporated as well. Far better than just sitting and reading page after page of text! I particularly liked the last module with focus on additional training and resources, as I think this is an extremely important topic and it was good to get some exposure to places to get more info. I bookmarked a lot of the links, so thanks for the effort to put this information together. Overall, I'd have to say I was very pleased with the course, and would definitely recommend to others." -- Randy

"I have found that this course is a lot more in depth than what my friend attended in person. They did not even discuss the Iowa laws there, and while it was challenging for me, I did appreciate taking it over again so that I know I have a basic understanding of how Iowa permit to carry laws are.

At first, I was going to attend a face to face class when they came to town at the end of the month, and although skeptical at first of an online permit to carry class, I decided to do it this route as it fits my schedule better. And I am very happy that I did! All the resources are very valuable and will help ensure that I have received the best training I can get as of now!

I will be sure to pass along a reference to anybody who is looking into obtaining an Iowa permit to carry, as I believe this was the most informative and also the most "bang for the buck" option, even though it was the same cost as a face to face class, but I feel I have learned much more here than I would have there." -- Keegan

"Good job fellow educator! Like the testimonials said (I shopped around before choosing this course) the content was well rounded and not shaped by off-the-wall stories and questions you might hear in a live classroom. (My brother told me about his experience...) I think the videos were very informative. I look forward to getting back to a range to check my grip." -- James

"I found the course to be very informative and thought provoking. The information was very well organized and supported by numerous links and outside resources. Although I have been a hunter and gun enthusiast for many years, I learned a great deal about gun laws, safety, etc. As you state at the beginning of the course, read and study all of the materials. It's well worth the effort." -- Douglas

"I have enjoyed this course and found it very informative and educational.The videos were great.You have done a great job in putting this course together.I found it even better than a sit down class I attended in the past. Thanks for making this course possible." -- Randy

"Excellent course. Objectives were clearly presented at the beginning of each module, information focused on the objectives, and testing questions were directly taken from the teaching materials. There was a balance between written information and video presentations. The video was high quality and professionally prepared. Well worth the time and money!" -- John

"I can honestly say that I was a little skeptical at first about completing my permit to carry course online. Once i did the first module, I saw that I would definitely learn other valuable things from taking this course. I liked watching the videos especially the ones that showed professional shooters and them giving tips on how to improve your accuracy and just their overall advice. Thanks again!" -- Hector

"I really enjoyed the course material and I found it to be very informative and knowledgeable. Since I am fairly new to the gun world, other than going to the practice range with family members, I took this course to expand my understanding of Iowa’s gun laws and regulations and plan on becoming as avid in the sport as many members of my family are. I can’t wait to join them! Thank you for the great course!"

-- Corey

"I felt this was an awesome experience. I have been outdoors hunting/using firearms with my uncle since I was 12 and I thought I knew just about everything there was to know until I started reading the information within the course. I learned a lot of information which I'm very thankful for; to not only continue being safe around firearms, but also keep me out of trouble with the law." -- Austin

"This was a very in depth course. I was amazed at how much I learned. I was skeptical at first of an online course. But after talking to my co-workers who took a classroom course I believe I walked away with more than they did. I thought I knew a lot coming into this course but was amazed at how much I didn't know but do now. It goes to show you can't know everything and you never quit learning. Thanks for an awesome course." -- Daryn S.

"Thought the course was great. Videos and illustrations were easy to understand and you could really tell safety was the top priority. Instructions were clear and stated more then once. Had a question and was immediately attended to by Jason. Course really sets you up to learn the material and succeed." -- Daley B.

"This course really opened my eyes to how much I thought I knew, but found I didn't know. The shooting grip and technique were big things I wanted to be familiar with, as well as finding information for more training and how to be prepared for anything. As a new person into shooting, I'm very interested in becoming the safest, most trained, and most skilled handgun owner I can be. Thank you for the information; I'll be using all the extra links you provided in the training." -- Nick S.

"At first I was skeptical about an online course but after reading testimonials from others I figured I would try it. This online course is better than a classroom because you can break up the sections over several days. I will definitely recommend this course to others." -- John D.

"I like how the course was broken into sections, it allows focus an one thing before moving to the other. The inclusion of carrying techniques and recommendations was very helpful to get me thinking about how I would safely carry a firearm on my person. The use of text and video demonstrations helped aid understanding the material." -- Shane H.

"I was impressed with all the information available as well as the videos. There was so much I learned and didn't realize before that I do now. Thank you for a well thought out and prepared course. I will continue to follow on with more training through the links and websites you have provided. Was very interesting. Thanks for everything!"

-- Jim D.

"I am new to firearms and really enjoyed all the informational web sites and columns you had included in the training. I will be utilizing your sight for additional training material. Thank you!"

-- Brian

"Enjoyed the total package that the course takes you through. I am a Hunters Ed. Instructor here in the Iowa DNR, and took this on-line class with the idea to learn more of what students are talking about in class with hand guns and the permit to carry in the field. I received more information then I ever expected from a online class."

-- David

"All in all a great course! I feel that I received much more useful information than face to face classes I have heard about locally. Perfect mix of touch-up on the basics for beginners and experienced shooters alike. Entire course was well organized and easy to follow. Thanks a lot and keep it up!" --Aaron Y.

"I will definitely tell any friends that I come into contact with about your course.

I did enjoy all the links to the articles about the different ways to carry concealed. Especially the article from a woman’s perspective. It gave me a lot of information that I had never even previously considered. For example, making sure that you are only wearing clothes/bags/ etc. that you would wear regardless of whether or not you were carrying a gun. That it was important to be comfortable and confident. If you were wearing something simply because it conceals well, you may look more awkward and out of place, which might draw more attention.

As I began looking into it, I realized that carrying for a woman is definitely a totally different ball of wax and I will need to really get ‘hands-on’ when purchasing my equipment. It appears there is a wide variety and unless it works and it comfortable, I will not be likely to utilize it. I was also able to come up with pros/cons of carrying on the person or in a bag. I think that is an important discussion. I think carrying in a purse is better than nothing, but it does present problems that need to be thought through before attempting to do that. I think had I not had the information presented, I would have simply opted for this rather than realizing that I did have good options for carrying on my person. So, I think that was a good article to include."


"Just wanted to give you some feedback on your online course. My wife took your online a few weeks ago and I was impressed with the course content and structure.

Being new to pistols, I actually believe she got more out of the online course than she would have gotten in attending an actual class. Sometimes I think a physical class gets sidetracked on stories about this and that and the attendees, especially those new to pistols and CCW, lose focus on the actual content and purpose of the class. Not to mention that individuals' attention spans vary. This course allowed her to complete sections at her pace.

She received her permit within one week of submitting it to the sheriff's office.

Anyway, well organized material and I hope it is successful for you. I have recommended it to several of my friends who were interested in obtaining a CCW permit but for whatever reason have been reluctant to attend a face-to-face class."

-- Steve

"Very informative. I also like the links you provided at the end so I can learn more. Also like that you included books to read. Very good course. Made me think of things I never would have thought of." -- Charles T.

"This course was a great option. I had been trying to get into a class for three months with no luck. Having the online course was amazing and a huge convenance for me. Thank you very much!" -- Nicholas H.

"Very well organized. Topics were appropriate and informative. I learned a great deal about the law, about safety, about various types of hand guns, about necessity of being responsible and thoughtful.

I am a military veteran -- 3 years active Army during Vietnam era, stationed at Pentagon. But I saw value in taking a class like this, and I'm glad I did." -- David I.

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to complete this course online. Finding the time for me to attend classes in the evening or day is difficult due to my husband's work schedule and the presence of young children. I appreciate this convenient opportunity." -- Stephannie W.

"Easy to navigate and in-depth. Good gun basics for the first few mods. Enjoyed the holster and concealment mod. Keeps the student engaged and interested in the material. Good find on attached articles. I enjoyed the police officer article in mod 6 (how to handle civilians with carry permits)." -- Miles W.

"I really liked this course. Any question that you have will be answered promptly. Very nice and very easy to navigate. All in all two thumbs up." -- Matt H.

"I liked the videos and links with extra information. Also liked the inclusion of women on topics such as ways of concealing handguns." -- Brittany D.

"When I first heard you could do it on the net, I was kind of thinking are you kidding me? That will be easy. Needless to say I'm glad I was challenged! The website was great! I will definitely recommend this to my buddies." -- Ryan H.

"Well organized & easy to navigate. Good to see some Iowa specific content included, I don't think all of the out of state trainers that flooded in to Iowa recently care about including Iowa content." -- Steve M.

"I like that you provided lots of external links to help the student do more research on their own." -- Brandon T.

"Great format for the course. Easy to use web site. Allows students to work at their own pace. Very in depth coverage of the new law regarding concealed carry. It covers all necessary material in an evening or two at home--no need to burn a weekend for the same information!"

-- David R.